Envano Ambassadors

Courtney Mitchell is a boxer, a small business owner and a dog mum to Olive. Courtney has just begun her journey in the local South East Queensland amateur boxing circuit.

Courtney shares our values of what it means to be healthy and sustainable that's why she has become our very first Envano Ambassador. We are supporting Courtney in her journey to become one of Australia's toughest competitors in the boxing circuit. 

Courtney starts her day with an Envano smoothie, "My absolute favourite flavour is Chocolate. I cannot get enough of it!". She adds, "I have tried many proteins and the fact it's plant based means I don't get an upset tummy".

Our unique blend of pea and rice protein assists with her muscle growth and recovery. "Envano protein has helped me with my post workout recovery to ensure I am always at my best when competing".

You can follow Courtney's journey on instagram here.