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3 Tips to Living More Sustainably

In todays world there is a renewed focus on living within our means to cut down emissions. There's so many ideas out in the world that one can feel disempowered to try to live a more sustainable existence. 

At Envano sustainability is one of the core pillars of existence. That's why we've gone a put together a list of 3 things that everybody can incorporate into their daily rituals.

1. Go Paper Free

Going paper free can help reduce the clutter in your home and help limit the number of trees that are being cut down. Most services (utilities, banks etc) offer the option to view bills and statements online. Some may even offer you a discount by choosing an electronic version. If you want to go the extra mile, there are brands of toilet paper that are made from 100% recycled office paper (instead of forestry paper).

2. Use keep cups for your coffee

In Australia there's an estimated 3,000,000,000 (yes, billion!) takeaway cups used every year. Unfortunately most councils aren't able to recycle these cups so it adds a lot unnecessary landfill to our beautiful landscape. So ditch the throw away and take your keep cup to your local coffee haunt.


3. Recycle and dispose of waste appropriately

Most councils offer a comprehensive recycling service, however one thing that isn't able to be recycled are soft plastics. If you can scrunch it into a ball then it's a soft plastic (bread bags, paper goods packaging, confectionary bags etc). Coles  and Woollies have partnered with REDcycle which recycles soft plastics into outdoor furniture for schools and parks. Keep a green bag next to your normal recycle bins to collect your soft plastics and drop them off at your next grocery shop.

For more information on Redcycle visit them here

Living sustainably can feel daunting, but you don't need to change everything to make a difference. Just a small change can make a huge difference! 

What are some things you do to live sustainably?

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